Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kudos to Save the Children

At some point we would like to extend what we do and help humanitarian organizations all over the world enhance their programs with the world’s greatest game – FUUUUUTBOL!!!!!! But this thank you goes out to a great partner, Save the Children. World class does not begin to describe.

We elected to approach Save the Children first because, as my partner Frank says, they have a big presence in Africa, they target the teenagers we want to reach and they are very professional about measuring their work.

This shot was taken with the Save the Children leadership team in Ethiopia – thanks to Dennis, Margaret (an amazingly thoughtful woman from Edmonds, now living in Addis ABBBBBABBBBA), Marc, Yeshi and others. And special thanks to the Westport gang – especially big Sam, the lad from Liverpool who never could stop smiling and worked tirelessly to help us start this journey, Brad, Charlie, Carolyn, Anne-Marie and a man that helped start it all with the right introductions, Ed GH.

Toasting all of you with a semi-cold St. George this evening.

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